Hosting a Language Ambassador (LA)

Our incredible school community supports native Spanish speaking LAs in our classrooms to enrich our student’s language and learning experiences. In addition to our amazing teachers, our kids have the opportunity to learn directly from LAs from different Spanish speaking nations. If you have had the pleasure to get to know or spend time with one of these impressive young teachers, you know what an incredible asset they are in the classroom; supporting our kids learning and development. 

Each fall we will welcome a new group of Spanish speaking teaching assistants to our classrooms. We refer to them as LAs. While in the US, each of these LAs is placed with a Nuevas Fronteras K12 pathway host  family. These families provide them with a safe place to live as well as  a family with whom to experience American life and culture.  

As a host family, you welcome a LA into your home for one semester during the academic year (mid-August through mid-January or mid-January through mid-June).  Being a host family is a rewarding cultural experience for you and your children.  Benefits include:

  • LOTS of informal opportunities for your children to speak Spanish through conversation and play in their home.

  • Learning about the culture and traditions of another country, as well as sharing your own culture and traditions.

  • Building a lasting relationship with native, Spanish speaking teachers who are sharing their culture and language with our school community.

As a host family, we encourage you to maximize the cultural exchange experience.  Include your LA in American traditions and holidays, ask them to cook traditional foods for you and teach you about their home country, include them in everyday experiences that may seem ordinary to you but are new to him/her. Experiencing life in the U.S. is a big attraction of the LA program to young people around the world and you can play an important role in this.

Our experience hosting a LA was a gift. We were nervous at first, hoping that we could forge a relationship that would be meaningful to all of us – and to her. The Spanish conversation in our home was a shock! I really never heard my 5th grader; 4th grader and 1st grader actually speak Spanish, but with our LA, this was a daily occurrence. The funny thing was that my husband and I had no idea what they were talking about, and this always made us smile.
— The Grannis Family


The requirements for hosting a Language Ambassador (LA) are pretty simple. They need a private bedroom and a supportive family environment. LAs live with a host family for about five months. Every LA changes host families in the middle of the year. This means that we need 16 host families each year. 


Please consider this enriching experience. If you are interested in being connected with the teaching assistants but aren't able to host, click here to learn about other ways to become involved as well! 

What have past host families said about their hosting experience?

We had a fabulous first hosting experience. Carmen blended into our family within a few short weeks. We laughed, learned each other’s cultures, laughed, debated, (did I say laughed?), solved problems and we did almost everything together. We treated her to interesting experiences and trips and she, in return, helped with daily activities and simply pitched in; she was never a burden. We had so much fun with the language piece - enjoying each other’s pronunciation and helping where needed with language.
— The Olson family Allison & Berton, Gavin (6th @ CGMS), Colin (3rd), Quinn (K)