Directory Information and PTSO Email Communications

Our school directory is brought to you by the NFSI PTSO. It is a fantastic way to keep in contact with other parents in your child's class/school! Easily look up contact info for birthday parties or play dates. 

In addition, our weekly email updates are an important way to get information about what is going on within your school community.  We email "Weekly Updates" once a week on Thursdays. Supplemental information about events will periodically go out on Tuesdays.  You have the ability to manage your email preferences through the directory. 

About the Online and mobile directories 

The online directory will make even the most die hard print directory lovers happy. 

  • Search by student, family or teacher Enter partial family name, grade or teacher to help narrow your search results.

  • Favorites Each user can create their own custom family favorites list of frequently looked up numbers.

  • Map It! Links an address right to Google maps. Great when your on the road!

  • Print their own directory Parents can print email and phone lists by grade and class and print their own favorites list.

  • Keep it current Parents can update their data throughout the year.

  • Parents and Faculty can login from any internet connected device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Smartphone Features Make a call, send a text, send an email, and map the address all with a touch.

  • Use your iPhone or Android device.

Available anywhere, anytime, on any device

**Note: At any time, you can edit, change or remove some or ALL of your data from the directory or email list by simply logging in.