What is a TA you ask?

Teaching Assistants (TA) are teachers from native Spanish speaking countries who work along side our K-12 teachers to support our students’ education. 

The TAs are an integral part of the K-12 Spanish immersion community.  This year, our Spanish immersion community welcomes 8 TAs to our schools to enrich our students’ learning in their classrooms.  

We have 6 TAs in the elementary school, 1 in the middle school, and 1 in the high school. This year the TAs are from Spain, Colombia, and El Salvador.

For most of our school's history, our Parent-Teacher-Student-Organization (PTSO) has funded a program that brings native Spanish speaking teachers into our classrooms. Our TAs are typically in their twenties and have completed their teaching degrees in their home country. They come with a strong desire to share their language and culture with our students, and learn more about the English language and American culture from their host families and school community. Our school is always enriched by the perspectives and experiences they share. Some of their many school contributions include:

  • Providing general support to the teachers (as an immersion school, there are fewer opportunities for English-speaking-only parents to help out in the classroom);
  • Teaching units on culture, geography and language from their native countries;
  • Providing additional support in reading and math to students on a more individualized basis;
  • Giving students more opportunities for daily conversations in Spanish.