•    1st Place - $3,000
  •  2nd Place - $2,000
  •  3rd Place - $1,000
  •   4th-10th Places - $300

Cash for Class at Woodbury Lakes

Cash for Class is an incentive program designed to benefit local schools through cash awards. Schools earn points by submitting receipts from purchases at Woodbury Lakes Mall stores (this includes Michaels, Trader’s Joes, DSW and surrounding stores). Schools receive one point for every dollar spent. The school with the highest point total at the end of the program in May 2018, wins the grand prize! Prizes range from $300 to $3,000!

New this year, the RAMCO REWARDS app will be used for the contest. This app allows you to accumulate personal reward points, earn points for the school, and keep your receipts!

To participate:

·            Download RAMCO REWARDS from the App store or Google Play and create a username and password.

·            To submit a receipt, select the “Community” tab and then “Cash for Class.” Click “let’s go” and enter all the receipt information. You can also just hit “submit receipt” under the “Earn” tab. Scan / photograph your receipt within the app, select Nuevas Fronteras as your school, and hit submit.

·            Please note, the app is looking for the store name, purchase date, and receipt total. Two photographs per receipt works best if the receipt is long.

·            Receipts must be scanned in within 90 days of purchase (double point purchases must be submitted during that store’s double point month).

·            Receipts you submit earn the school points and earn you personal points, redeemable for Mall rewards!

·            You earn 5 personal points by “checking in” whenever you visit the Mall property.

·            To check your points history or the school rankings, head to the Community tab.

·            Any issues or concerns with the app or receipt scanning should be emailed directly to

Other information:

o The contest runs between August 15, 2017 and May 25, 2018.

o Visit or check the NFSI PTSO newsletter for the double points stores each month (where we earn two points for every dollar spent).

o A list of the stores and restaurants at Woodbury Lakes can be found here

o Receipt total, including tax, is eligible for credit. Gift certificate purchases do not count.

o We must purchase at the Woodbury Lakes location for credit (i.e., no online purchases).

o Nuevas needs at least 10,000 points by December 31st and $500 in monthly receipts to stay in the contest.

o Soliciting/collecting of receipts on Mall property is prohibited.

Thank you for your participation!